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Who are we?

The Best.net company was founded in 2000 in Poznań, Poland. From the beginning our assumption was clear: we wanted to provide highest quality, modern, dedicated IT systems oriented on intensively growing Internet market. While many other firms just have been using prepared software with its alternations, we have been creating our own products according to customers’ expectations. Our proprietary solutions: Extreme Commerce and Extreme System are applied both by small and medium-sized firms as well as by large enterprises. The experience of our team based on possibilities of the formed software allows to propose solutions which are suitable for the needs of every client. Our beloved “child” are Dedicated Product Configurators. They can create the customized product, by adding different components on every stage of buying process, eg: choose shape, size, taste, colour, text, pattern, material, add any extras.

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In moments of glucose level fall come to our stand and find out best personalized chocolate and let`s talk how we can personalise your products to sell more and to distinguish your e-store.

Contact us!

Lidia Palusińska lidka@best.net.pl 601 172 551

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