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Who are we?

Plast-Farb exists on plastic packaging market since 1987. Currently our company is among leading polish plastic manufacturers. Plast-Farb always delivers only the best quality products, made on the basis of unique technology solutions. We provide thorough customer service – offering advice from material selection, graphic preparing up to printing. We also offer products delivery at desired location in the world. To fulfil customers expectations and requirements we make every order based on our wide production knowledge and latest, innovative technology application

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In our offer we have wide range of security products – envelopes, bags, STEB’s, security tape and security seal tape. We also produce bags and carrier bags, as well as biodegradable packaging. Every product can be designed according to customer requirements. Safe packaging made of three layer LDPE film are technologically advanced products for storing and transporting valuables. Special construction and security features prevent from unauthorized opening without leaving any signs. Our new security envelopes and tamper evident tape launched contains technologically advanced protection, what ensures the highest safety of consignments, certified by the german institute ISEGA. We can make flexographic print up to 8 colours on every product as well as the film we produce - LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, BIO, OPP and CAST.

Contact us!

Piotr Bożek Specjalista ds. Sprzedaży tel +48 56 6448554 fax +48 56 4754032 kom+48 606773554 e-mail:p.bozek@plast-farb.com Paweł Mikulski Specjalista ds. Sprzedaży tel +48 56 6448557 fax +48 56 4754032 kom+48 606773557 e-mail:p.mikulski@plast-farb.com

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