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Who are we?

For more than 10 years we’ve been helped our clients to make the highests profits from online sales. We operate in the area of ​​search engine marketing (SEM), providing services in the field of SEO, PPC and web analytics. Over the past decade we’ve had the opportunity to work with several hundred companies and at the moment we’re serving over 200 clients. As a certified PREMIER Google Partner we specialize in administrating online shops in the field of conversion marketing.

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All visitors are welcome to take part in a contest. The main prize is our book ‘Conversion in ecommerce’. If you want to win the prize you just need to….but this will be revealed at the spot  What’s more, participants who leave us their email adressess will get special -20% discount coupon on our book.

Relacja video z poprzedniej edycji - sprawdź jak pozyskać Klienta na Targach eHandlu!