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Who are we?

DHL – e-commerce logistics leader. In the GEMIUS report we have become the most frequently chosen courier service for courier deliveries directly to home or work. The most developed and reliable logistics network: 40 000 000 parcels a year, 98 % of fixed-term deliveries the following day, 40 000 satisfied senders, 41 terminals, 6 sorting centres, 3000 couriers. We offer solutions adjusted to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, and since we are famous for excellent customer service you can always be sure that we will be an ideal partner for your company. To make an effort to meet the expectations of the Customers of online stores, DHL Parcel introduces other services onto the Polish market to streamline the parcel delivery process: 1. delivery to Parcelshop or Parcelstation, 2. the service przekieruj.dhlparcel.pl enables consignees of shipments to change the date and location of delivery of a parcel, 3. e-mail/SMS notifications in the standard, 4. delivery to neighbour.

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Domestic Parcels and economic shipments to Europe DHL Customer Service - Domestic Shipments: http://www.dhlparcel.pl/content/dhl_parcel_poland/pl/contact/contact-with-dhl-form-online.html Phone: 42 6 345 345 kontakt.pl@dhl.com

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