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Who are we?

edrone eCRM is a system to analyse customer behaviour (Business Intelligence) and engage them using automated and personalized messages (Marketing Automation). edrone collects and analyses data on user behaviour in the store and sends personalized, automatic messages to increase sales. edrone innovation involves the use of Social CRM and the machine learning technology. Our advantages are: rapid deployment, ease of use and ready-made scenarios, which allows using edrone as soon as the first day of the test period. Carts recovery, dynamic newsletter and product recommendations are just some of the capabilities of our system. Our customers are both major European online stores as well as developing eStores. edrone customers include: Eastend, CitySport, Agent Provocateur, Unhuman, Wojas, Muve, DUKA, Tous and more.

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Contact us!

Dawid Fucia - dawid@edrone.me, 510 044 226 Agata Herma-Machnik - agata@edrone.me, 510 043 889

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