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Who are we?

As Fast White Cat we help our Partners to build complex eCommerce vision of their business - creating strategy, budgeting, operational planning, online marketing and recommending best in slot features to increase sales. We are a BUSINESS PARTNER - not only do we provide you with Experts in their field, we advise you on the best course of action based on our experience with projects in various industries and market benchmarks. We focus solely on Magento - we specialize in one area. We do not want to be distracted or diminish the in-depth knowledge we create when focusing on one technology. We deliver our projects in fast and agile way - iterations and modern methodology (SCRUM) is always supported by our creative approach effecting in almost every implementation being delivered within the assumed timeline. We help Partners in fully monetizing their potential in the online environment - we work with our Partners for years - longterm approach is the only way we see ourselves working.

Special offer for Visitors - available only during EXPO!

Come and visit us - we will give you our insight on increasing your online sales x-times. You will like what you hear and our tips&tricks can be safely used at home ;)

Contact us!

Cezary Kożon is the contact for anyone interested to talk with Fast White Cat and interested to get some eCommerce tips&tricks :) cezary.kozon@fastwhitecat.com +48 516 679 767

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