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Who are we?

We are OlzaLogistic. Our main business goal is international logistics. We offer the best services at best prices. We've got years of experience, dozens employees and thousands of content business partners. Also through our warehouses are passing thousands of parcels each day. We do not promise impossible. We don't do everything by ourselves. We also cooperate with external coworkers and external companies to get the best opportunity to allow polish entrepreneurs and businessmen start with international business, namely in Czech Republic and Slovakia. So we are not only logistic company. Thanks for e-commerce and other services it's possible to say, that we are the gate for sales in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Not only gate, but also respectable partners that acts as a guide for you.

Special offer for Visitors - available only during EXPO!

We've got special offer for everyone during EXPO. You surely know one thing Czech Republic is well known for in the whole world: Czech Beer. But you probably don't know famous Czech phrasal verb. It is when you say that something is „like a small beer.” This means that something is easy. Easy not for anybody in the world, but easy for the person that just said it. And we will convince you that not only international logistics is exactly „like a small beer” for us. We will talk to you about e-commerce possibilities in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Clever, smart and efficient. Check it in Gdańsk 10.5.2017 We look forward to meet new business partners.

Contact us!

Senior sales manager: Lech Biernat lech(at)olzalogistic.com

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