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Who are we?

Edge NPD is a multidisciplinary team comprising of sociologists, mathematicians, economists, business analysts, database specialists, technologists, designers, experts in visuals and 3D. Edge NPD provides Business Intelligence services. We look for ways to implement cutting edge technology and approaches to data in order to achieve business goals. For over 3 years now, EDGE NPD has been setting the standards in the market of analytics and optimizing retail space usage.

Special offer for Visitors - available only during EXPO!

We will show you our virtual retail space - theStore2 - you'll be able to dive into our 3d shopping realm and see how we can build virtual ecommerce shopping experience.

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Maciej Kłodaś / Dobromir Ciaś / Michał Orzełek / Grzegorz Mrozek

Relacja video z poprzedniej edycji - sprawdź jak pozyskać Klienta na Targach eHandlu!