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Who are we?

SaveCart is the first company based solely on Polish capital offering full personalization of the online shops connected with a system for saving transactions in real time. The mission is to facilitate and inspire consumers to take shopping decisions both online and offline. We specialize in message personalisation in real time, regarding the segment of new technologies – marketing automation. Our unique solutions based on Big Data serve to raise the sales of the online shops. SaveCart monitors and saves the traffic of the shop’s clients, taking into account both unregistered guests, unregistered users and logged in regular customers. We can create their behavioral profiles and save their preferences. The tool is created in such a way as to allow for handing on the message to a specific client or group of clients. SaveCart offers comprehensive solutions to increase e-commerce sales conversion.

Special offer for Visitors - available only during EXPO!

Special offer of 20% for SaveCart service for the first year of cooperation if signing the contract until the end of June 2017.

Contact us!

Michalina Gołąb mail: m.golab@savecart.pl phone: +48 692-199-940

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