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Who are we?

Combining strong business process skills and backed by a focus on customer support, we provide agile software called “Store Manager”, that enable customers to leverage full potential of online selling. You can automatically update inventory, customers, orders, and other data across multiple sales channels, and suppliers with Store Manager for PrestaShop - your central business point. Engage, explore and evolve the way online business is done with eMagicOne!

Special offer for Visitors - available only during EXPO!

Come to meet our success managers and see how to start working with your PrestaShop website, migrate between platforms, import data from vendor, wholesaler, Amazon, eBay with Store Manager by eMagicOne. We will show you how to: - Manage multiple stores (installations) from one interface; - Work offline w/o internet; - Grab data from any website; - Import 1 million items from any file; - Upload multilingual data; - Automate inventory update across multiple vendors, suppliers and sales channels; - Accept orders via phone with POS (Point of Sale); - Diagnose the health of your website; - Keep an eye on your website from your phone. See you at the Expo!

Contact us!

Inna Drayuk - Success Manager at eMagicOne; Oksana Semenyuk - CMO at eMagicOne, Phone: +1 855 814 4511 , Skype: emagicone , Email: contact@emagicone.com

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