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Who are we?

IDEA07 is a team of exceptional people with a unique character and a shared passion for making perfect things. IDEA07 employs only a group of professionals with experience and maximum involvement in their work. The competence of the team is multiplied by constant development and supported by close cooperation with the customer. Our hard work results in positive recommendations of many well-known and respected brands that rely on the reputation of IDEA07. The success of this company is due to its customers who are always left satisfied.

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IDEA07 provides comprehensive services dedicated to both small and large companies. Our team creates online stores and mobile applications, designs marketing solutions and dedicated software. We are also certified Magento developers. We are proud to have developed our own ERP system - IDEAerp. Thanks to it, it is possible to manage all business processes in one system, automate complex sales operations and streamline the poor flow of information within the company. As a leader in e-commerce we operate on the local and international market.

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Paweł Skrzypczak - Sales director

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