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Simple efficient and user-friendly. Fakturownia is the easiest way for integrating your e-commerce store with an invoicing solution. You can rely on auto payments (PayPal, PayU, ...), e-commerce integrations (PrestaShop, Allegro, Siteor, ...) and automatic invoicing in 29 languages and all world currencies to service your clients automatically. This translates to both convenience and trustworthiness between you and yours. The software is easy to navigate and is continuously updated and improved. Monthly summaries highlight the new features, and how they can help you run your business. Inbuilt Financial reports allow for quick monitoring of the businesses health without the need of spreadsheets. With various plans at a competitive price, we are able to deliver for both SME's and Enterprises. Having surpassed the 300,000 users milestone in July of this year we want to share our experience.

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Marcin Stefaniak - CEO Michał Stefaniak - CMO Maria Seta - PM Piotr Wajszczuk - CS Specialist

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