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Who are we?

Grey Wizard offers comprehensive cyber security protection as an expert in fighting with DDoS attacks. The company provides security for volume, network and application attacks. It protects the application layer with the enhanced WAF mechanism, additionally secures APIs and IoT devices. Grey Wizard efficiently protects the e-commerce, e-gaming, and IT and government sectors. In order to effective guarantee protection against attacks, it uses rule sets, heuristics, reputation, and algorithms that analyze user behavior. Machine learning technology allows to effective detection and protect against new types of attacks. Today's cyberattack protection requires high-end technology solutions that are not only ready to fight off real-time attacks but, above all, to capture new types of threats. By using artificial intelligence and expert knowledge, Grey Wizard provides security and effective protection against cyber attacks.

Special offer for Visitors - available only during EXPO!

Grey Wizard specializes in providing security against DDoS attacks, volume, network and application layer attacks. The enhanced WAF mechanism and machine learning technology effectively counteract cyber attacks. Protecting against cyber attacks requires advanced technology. That’s why we created the Grey Wizard Shield. This is our original product, which by using the elements of artificial intelligence quickly and precisely detect anomalies. Advanced algorithms combined with the immediate response of our engineers effectively protect against any type of attack. The Grey Wizard Shield is more than a shield in the fight against cyber attacks. It’s an intelligent solution that ensures the security of networked businesses. Responsible for business needs of e-commerce, financial, e-gaming, government and telecom companies. The guarantee of success in e-business is the protection of stored personal data, company know-how, secure transactions, but also ensuring continuous availability of the service. We give all visitors the opportunity to test Grey Wizard Shield completely for free for 10 days. Visit our stand C 1.4 and let’s talk about the safety of your website with cup of coffee :)

Contact us!

Oleg Daroszewski, Business Development Manager, +48 514 316 351, email: odaroszewski@greywizard.com

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