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These are en exhibition space categories you can choose from. Darker color means a better location but also a higher price. Click on the stand on the map below to see the current price.

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Why exhibit?

Find new clients

Prepare an attractive, special, offer for the expo day. Use our tool to schedule a meetup with registered parties. Become a magnet for participants visiting Expo.

Get an honest feedback about your services and products

One of the most underestimated benefits of exhibiting is face-to-face contact with a real person and an honest opinion on the attractiveness of your offer. Small changes that you introduce to your products can have enormous significance for your business. This is not what the anonymous internet feedback will give you.

Verified formula and organizer

We have been operating in the event industry for over 10 years. Before the Fair, we organized open meetups in Poland called Shopcamp. The open-space formula that we instill at the Fair comes from the start-up environment. Our idea is to make the competition of the exhibiting companies base mainly on their creativity and not the budget.

No hidden costs

Our standard offer is suitable for over 85% of the exhibiting companies. Basic furniture, catering vouchers, electricity is included in the core package. If you have an advertising wall for the back of the exhibition space you are ready to go! If you prefer a full-service option we offer an upgrade to have it designed by a professional company.

Strengthen your relationships with existing clients

The fair is a great chance to meet with companies that already use your products and services. Give your clients the opportunity to meet people they most often only talk online, gather feedback from them, present company plans and the ways of developing your products and services. It will pay off.

Get Inspired by people around you

Close contact with the market (and also competition :) is an amazing dose of reflection and inspiration. Take advantage of the fair day not only to present your products and services but also to find out what is being said behind the scenes and how the future of the industry is perceived by the participants.

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Expo from the inside


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