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Who are we?

Oro is an open-source business applications company that is geared toward B2B ecommerce. US.-based company was started by Yoav Kutner, former CEO of Magento, and his former Magento colleagues Jary Carter and Dima Soroka. Oro created a customizable, open source CRM flexible software, with key marketing tools for multi-channel businesses out of the box and amazing dashboards and reporting that help companies make sense of disparate data. OroCommerce was created to address the complexities of a wide range of B2B ecommerce operations needs, including managing corporate accounts and buyer-seller relationships with multiple organizations, customizing catalogs, managing price lists for different customer groups, and automating business workflows for multiple customers and channels. Starting 2016 Oro has its presents in Poland, Wrocław by opening product development center.

Special offer for Visitors - available only during EXPO!

Let us know if you want to have OroCRM or OroCommerce demo arranged during the event. We will be available to demo the product and answer to your questions related to business requirements, system capabilities, Oro future and other.

Contact us!

Wojciech Krzyżowski - Solutions Architect, wojtek@oroinc.com Anna Ochmann - Office Manager, aochmann@oroinc.com

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