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Who are we?

BitBay Pay is a member of a group of professional finch and marketing companies that focus on improving payment solutions by using Bitcoin technology. We offer companies easy solutions for accepting Bitcoin payments and we help them with system integration and technical support. What we offer modern merchants that cooperate with us is low fees, fast international transactions, competitive processing rates and advanced security.

Special offer for Visitors - available only during EXPO!

We are preparing many great surprises for the visitors. Some of them are: - We will bring our Bitcoin ATM - a machine that will allow you to purchase Bitcoin using cash. It’s an easy device that works similarly to ordinary ATMs. - We will sell our merchandise on the spot and we will accept Bitcoins as payment method. We will show you how easy is paying with Bitcoin! - We will bring a special guest - our Bitcoin mascot is a cool buddy that will gladly pose for pictures with you.

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Justyna Laskowska, CMO Marcin Cebula, CCO

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