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Who are we?

Exponea is one of the world’s fastest growing software companies in the field of A.I. – recently ranked as #27 by SaaS 1000. Exponea is one of only a dozen full-stack marketing clouds, specifically built to deliver measurable results. Exponea provides real-time 1:1 omni-channel personalization, a single 360-degree customer view, and dynamic A/B testing with AI. It equips marketers to raise conversion rates, improve acquisition ROI, and maximize customer lifetime value. Company is the first SaaS company in the world to integrate Facebook Messenger Bots and Amazon’s Alexa into a modern marketing cloud. The headquarter is in London and other offices you can find in Bratislava, Melbourne, Palo Alto, Prague and Moscow. It’s a global company, where the small team has grown into an 100+ people company in just a year, and keeps growing.

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Samuel Poloha - International business development manager

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