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Who are we?

According to Google, more than 96% of users leave a website and don't come back to it without being attracted by an ad, 70% abandon shopping carts without conversion and 49% visit 2-4 sites before buying anything. This means that if you don't attract the user back to your site, then most of the adveritisement budget for gaining clients will be squandered. PushAd makes sure you don't waste those funds and let's you partly reclaim them. PushAd allows you to increase the effectiveness of the funds spent on advertisement, by giving you the possibility to reaching those who have already left your site, without costing you in ads. Precise, multidimensional segmentation, automatic tagging based on algorithms and effective attention grabbing noticeably increase conversion, which from this channel can be even 10x higher then the avg. for all traffic. All this without engaging expensive IT resources. Sounds good? Let's meet at the fair.

Special offer for Visitors - available only during EXPO!

During the fair visitors will be able to receive special vouchers for use on our platform. Our platform is very popular. If you want to guarantee the opportunity to meet and talk with us personally, we suggest booking in advance. To do this, please contact:

Contact us!

Karolina Kowalska // New Business Manager (Poland) // k.kowalska@push-ad.com

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